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Christmas Eve boxes for little people

Christmas Eve boxes for little people


Photo by Paige Cody

Here at Toddlekind we love building traditions with our families. And there is no better time to do it than Christmas. Enter the Christmas Eve box. A pretty box, filled with fun things to make Christmas Eve even more magical. You could give one to each child, or get a big one for the whole family, and bring them out every Christmas eve. There are so many ways to personalize them and ideas of what to include in the box are endless. We’ve gathered up a few of our favorites to help you get started.

New winter pajamas

Everyone loves new pajamas! It’s a surefire way to get your tots excited for bedtime (which we all know is a struggle with the excitement of Christmas looming). You could get a Christmas print, but since Christmas Eve is near the end of the festive season we suggest choosing something that they can wear for the next few wintery months.

Festive films

Is there anything better than all snuggling up on the couch for family movie time? Include a DVD of your favorite Christmas film or a voucher for iTunes with a list of film suggestions.

Movie treats

If you’re going to have a film night you’ll need snacks, so throw in a couple of packets of microwave popcorn and some of your little’s favorite treats.

An heirloom ornament

We love the idea of gifting your little person a beautiful ornament each year to help start their own collection one day. They can hang it on your tree for now but eventually, when they have their own, they’ll have a whole collection of carefully chosen ornaments that are full of precious memories. Store them in pretty boxes for each child and present them with their heirloom decorations when they get their very first tree.

Their Stocking

Why not include their stocking in the Christmas eve box? They can hang up that evening ready and waiting for Father Christmas’ arrival.

Santa snacks and reindeer food

 You could also include a couple of mince pies, a bag of ‘reindeer food’ or a few carrots to be left under the stocking for Santa and his merry team of reindeer. It’s always fun for children to lay them out on a festive plate and imagine how thankful Santa will be for the snack (just don’t forget to take a big bite out of it before you go to bed!)

A favorite Christmas story

 A lot of families wind down their day with storytime before bed and what better way to close off one of the most exciting evenings of the year than with a Christmassy tale?

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