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Cool instagram Mums you need to follow.

Cool instagram Mums you need to follow.

Bonjour lecteurs! Loving following some cool mums on Instagram? Looking for some new stylish feeds to get inspired? We did a little round-up of 6 European Instagram Mums You Need To Check Out Now. Ready?


Image credit: @lola_rossi_

This mum of two based in Ajaccio, Corsica will make you want to travel to the beautiful French island next to Sardinia. Lola Rossi is a stylish lady who shares the best in French beauty and fashion. But not only! The cute blondie also has some cool inspiration when it is about workouts and new technologies.

We love her very chic and feminine outfits while her children are also very elegant with some of the best French brands. Lola' family always goes on some cool adventures in the sunny Corsica. Plus, we have a little crush on her westie dog too! So cute! I don't know about you, but I fancy going there right now, just looking at her pictures!


Image credit: @coral_pearl_

Another super stylish mama based in the UK is Coral Golding. Not only her two daughters are adorable, but her feed will make you wanna go on a healthy journey.

This super chic home schooling mama lives in Brighton with her two cuties. Along with healthy recipes, meditation, spirituality and a bit of yoga, Coral's feed is a breath on the gram.

We love its neutral and soft colours with all the glam fashion. Because motherhood can also be simply beautiful, just like that!


Image credit: @mamastillgotit_

Another Instagram Mum you need to follow in the UK is Louise Boyce, aka mamastillgotit. The beautiful model (currently pregnant with her third baby!) champions mamas and their bodies! And we love that! And her username too actually... Just saying!

Indeed, Louise recently supported the #PushItOut campaign. She denounced the fact that maternity brands attach fake foam bumps on models to sell their pregnancy clothing instead of using pregnant models.

Because all bumps are different and mums want to be truly represented in the media, she started the movement. With thousands of mums taking part online, it is pretty clear you need to keep an eye on this lady! Embark on the journey with the curve model and sign the petition #PushItOut. Because women feel under the pressure to look a certain way while their bodies are experiencing huge changes in pregnancy and they should not really!


Image credit: @marziadifrancesco

And if you just want to see more about the parenting life without too much pressure, Marzia Di Francesco is an Italian Insta Mum you might like. Indeed, with over 30 million views on her Youtube channel, the Italian mama shares it all with you on Instagram too.

Cleaning tips, days out, cute shoots with her son Alessandro (he is utterly sweet!), or even fitness, this Instagram Mum pretty much covers it all. She also shares review products and the daily life of a parent without a filter. She is huge in Italy, so have a look!


Image credit: @janinewiggert

If you want to know it all about life with twins, then Janine Wiggert is your go-to feed. This strong mama (who knows a thing or two about fitness!) has made a name in the game!

Janine Wiggert is a successful German fashion and beauty influencer. Famous for posting her outfits, she has gained over 800 000 followers on Instagram. We like her flirty but colourful style and her twins are super sweet too!

Because of her beauty & fashion tips, she is always eager to share with her followers, Janine Wiggert often got featured in the German press. She is like a mini-celebrity there!



Image credit: @allmumstalk

We could not finish our list of European Instagram Mums You Need To Check Out Now without mentioning the gorgeous Aly and her two children Amélie and Lucas.

Based in London with her family, but originally from Romania, be prepared to embark on many trips with the stylish mama. Don't be fooled by her bio. She is far from being a hot mess London Mum!

Aly will always take you to the best places in town. Fashion is her second secret. And you can also discover some beautiful places across Europe as she always stays in the best locations when she goes on adventures with her tribe.

Her feed is like reading a good book featuring some glam dresses and a natural chic we would all love to master! A must-see in the Instagram Mums bubble!

Whatever you are looking for on Instagram, those 6 European Instagram Mums will for sure get you inspired. Or you might simply fall in love with their family! Have fun and go on dreaming!

Who is your favourite instagram Mum and why? We´d love to hear your thoughts. 





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