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Valentines ideas for the stay at home parent.

Valentines ideas for the stay at home parent.

I think it´s fair to say that the definition of romance shifts as you get older. Before children it might have been about flowers, candle lit dinners and hand written love notes left for you on the mirror.

When you´re juggling small children, you might be lucky to even have a few hours down time together. The ultimate gift  might be  having having your other half simply putting the kids in bed, a shoulder rub and a TV dinner.


But are we missing out? The romance might have shifted somewhat into domestic relief rather than romantic feast, but in place of the hand written notes and chocolates on our pillow cases, we have our kids who actually couldn´t be a better reminder this Valentine’s day, about what love is all about.

The love from your child really is the definition of unconditional love. Morning breath, bed head, bad mood? It doesn´t matter, to them, to your kids you really are a goddess. But that doesn´t mean you shouldn´t celebrate Valentines day.

Connecting as has a couple, even in the midst of being parents, does get difficult so seize the day and do something together this evening.

Here is a list of of 7 Stay at Home Valentine’s Date Night Ideas for Us Parents. Obviously written for when the kids have been put to bed (maybe slightly early.)

  1. Cook a meal together, with a wine glass in hand if possible. Choose something you both love.
  2. Go through old photo albums together- when you first met, your wedding day. It is so easy to forget it all, and so lovely to remember.
  3. Play board games
  4. Get out your old music that you listened to when you first met
  5.  Fondue date- chocolate or cheese, whatever you prefer but it´s quick, easy and there is something quite celebratory about eating over a flame.
  6.  Massages- Okay look, we´re all adults and what better way to unwind than to have a massage/give your spouse a massage. Choose a nice oil, dim the lights, nice music.. you get the idea.
  7. Movie night- get the snacks in, feet up, watch some golden oldies and reminisce.

Becoming a parent does shift the focus off each other and onto the children, so don´t let Valentines day slip by without celebrating.

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