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Having a stylish home really is child’s play! As parents we make lots of compromises for our children, but style shouldn´t be one of them. Our playmats will transform any space into an elegant and tasteful space. Babies and toddlers are protected from bumps and falls without you having to compromise your style. Our playmats can seamlessly fit into any space and multiple packs can be joined together

Mustard Flower


Toddlekind’s playmats consist of six 60cm/2ft tiles with edging bonders to give a seamless rug-like look. One assembled mat is sized at 120x180cm/4x6ft but the possibilities for sizing are endless – simply attach multiple tiles together to find a size that fits to your space.

  • 120x180cm(1X MAT)
  • 180x240cm(2X MAT)
  • 180x360cm (3X MAT)
  • 240x360cm (4X MAT)

Includes six (6) 60 x 60cm tiles and twelve (12) for Earth & Nordic or ten (10) for Persian edging bonders.

Includes twelve (12) 60 x 60cm tiles and twenty-four (24) for Earth & Nordic or twenty (20) for Persian edging bonders.

Includes eighteen (18) 60 x 60cm tiles and thirty-six (36) for Earth & Nordic or thirty (30) for Persian edging bonders.

Includes twenty-four (24) 60 x 60cm tiles and forty-eight (48) for Earth & Nordic or fourty (40) for Persian edging bonders.


With a soft, safe and cosy play area for your little toddlers, you´ll be stress free.

  • Made with a top-quality, non-toxic EVA foam that exceeds safety requirements in Europe and the US for your peace of mind.
  • A plush 1.2cm/0.47in thick – perfect for play time for your little toddlers, and easy on your knees.
  • Wipe-clean foam – easy to care for and saves you time in the laundry room.
  • Limitless layout possibilities – arrange the tiles as you like to create endless looks with our Earth Series design.
  • Suitable for all stages of your child’s development from 0+ months.
Mustard Flower


Maximise play time with our easy to use, easy to clean safe playmats.

  • Play without delay– unlike fabric playmats, there is no need to do laundry every time baby spits up. Just wipe and go.
  • Durable design– our playmats are perfect for little toddlers and parents too but beware- high heels or pets claws may cause damage.


Customer Reviews

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Really preetiest

This is really the preetiest playmat I ever seen, wonderful designed, easy to care and clean, I Like it! But.. some pieces seems like by thicker then other, almost the edges.. Then is the 'carpet' not seamless and the effect is little bit lost.

And other think, one playmat I bought before christmas and one now to make it biger and I can see the difference in color, what is the new and what the old one. Mayby after some time will change color the same way and it will be ok. For now I still nervous about this differences, for that many need to by perfect. In the end I really happy about it and I will recomend!

The mat is lovely, information with respect to delivery costs is confusing

I ordered the mat. The delivery was quick, the mat is of good quality and I am generally happy with it. I like that the pieces are large and the connection is seamless which prevents crumbs and other debris from going under. The downside is that I would have liked a slightly bigger mat but the next available size was too big for the space I had. I have hard floors and the mat can be a bit slippery when it isn’t covering the entire floor surface. It would be perfect if it had some sort of a non slip coating on the underside. That having been said I purchased a second one. However, information provided relating to shipping costs is confusing. I received an email assuring me of free delivery over 79 euro but was still charged 10 euro for delivery. Delivery option 2 was pre-ticked and I was not allowed to select an alternative method. I wrote customer support about the issue but received no response. I find the advertisement of free delivery misleading. Saving grace is the overall high quality of the product.


Mooie tegels

Sehr hübsch - sehr teuer

Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Look und wir verbringen unseren ganzen Tag darauf. Leider kann man nicht gut „um die Ecke“ legen, da die Randstücke dann überlappen (und gerne angeknabbert werden). Auch sind die Linien des Aufdrucks nicht 100% bündig, was man bei dem Preis erwarten würde.


Prettier Playmats


Prettier Playmats

Nice and comfortable

The toddlekind carpet is simply amazing! Nice colours, very easy to clean, enough soft. We use it all together: our baby, me and my husband. We seat and play on the carpet every time we want to ‘explore’. Our baby is starting to crawl there!


Prettier Playmats


Very nice product. Our daughter loves stay on that. Very good also the aesthetics of the product.