Earth Series Assembly

STEP 1: Remove all the edging and set to the side.

There are two types of edge pieces- they look like this:

Please note: in every standard pack, there are two extra edging pieces

STEP 2 -Get creative with your tiles! each pack contains 6 tiles

STEP 3 - Choose a layout- there are various possibilities, here are some examples:

Toddlekind Nordic Playmat assembly guideToddlekind Nordic Playmat for baby

STEP 4- Add the edging.Correct position for the edging is shown here:

Nordic Baby Playmat assembly guide

STEP 5-Assemble multiple mats

If you choose you can join multiple mats together, simply remove the edging bonding and attach together.

Disclaimer: Please note that by connecting two or more mats together, there is a 2cm loss per connection due to interlocking of edging.


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