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Find your perfect Prettier Playmat

Find your perfect Prettier Playmat


Find your perfect Prettier Playmat



The Nordic Collection

You’re not alone in finding those primary coloured playmats a bit garish. Enter the Nordic Collection. At the heart of this collection is the Scandinavian love of bold, clean lines, multi-functionality and beauty.


Is there anything classier than a simple grey and white design? You really can’t go wrong with this instant classic so if you’re looking for something that can work in multiple rooms and can grow with your family then this is the one for you.





Bold white lines strike through the contemporary inky blue of the Petroleum mat. This particular mat is ideal for living rooms or playrooms, bringing you the safety and comfort of a luxury playmat without hurting your eyes.



Vintage Nude




Now this is a pretty playmat. The Vintage Nude harks back to dusty roses and hazy summer evenings. It’s just the thing for a classic girl’s room. If your style leans more towards the antique than contemporary then you’ve met your match right here.



Neo Matcha




The ultimate option for a gender-neutral space, or easy-breezy living area. This beauty would pair well with a vibrant colour scheme, or add a pop of refreshing colour to a muted palette.




The Earth Series 

Bold spotted prints that can be arranged and rearranged to create new patterns whenever it takes your fancy. 


Mustard Flower



If your style is all quirky meets curated art gallery then say hello to this sunny, yummy mustard yellow playmat, speckled with playful dots. This handsome fella will look just at home in your living room as it will in a happy play corner.







An intriguing mix of petrol blue and green on a stone-effect background the Marine playmat will be a sight for sore eyes on flagstone tiles, or against wooden floorboards.







If you’re after a pretty playmat that fits seamlessly into your home without making too much of a statement then this is the mat for you. A cool grey that is classy without calling too much attention to itself visitors will be amazing to hear it’s not actually a rug.





Looking for a neutral option but a bit tired of grey? Don’t worry, that’s where this stunning Clay playmat comes in. The muted tones of this mat are a top style trend at the moment and would be dreamy paired with calming colour schemes, or to warm up cooler floors.




Ash Rose




Little girl rooms can quickly become a chaotic cacophony of ruffles, ribbons and bows but this playmat is just the right amount of feminine romance and charm paired with bold design.





The Persian Collection

This collection is all bohemian beauty with colours, textures and patterns layered to create a shabby chic mat that is beautiful and practical.





A warm, neutral shade of beige designed to complement most colour schemes. This mat would make for a lovely living room rug or tucked under a play kitchen.








Grey is a firm-favourite but this design adds depth and interest. Ironically this neutral playmat works really well in a bright colour scheme, drawing the whole room together. We especially love to see it paired with mustard yellows and emerald greens.








We love products that grow with our Littles and Blossom, our quintessential girly design, is elegant and sophisticated enough to transition beautifully from nursery to big girl room.




Sea Spray



Blue is a calming colour, so if you’re looking to add an oasis of peace to a room then this playmat is the right choice for you.





This elegant and stylish mat is just the thing to replace the rug in your living room or to create a focal point in a minimalistic nursery design.



Our Prettier Playmats



Our playmats are wipe clean, which is very important because we all know, no matter how cute those little people are, they come with spills and splashes galore and none of us have time, or desire, to scrub stains and spills out of rugs. The puzzle piece design also means that you can make the mats bigger or smaller to fit your space. The foam is super plush (perfect for toddler tumbles, high quality and rigorously tested. And last but not least, you will never find one of our playmats looking anything other than utterly stylish and ready to slip seamlessly into your room design.


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