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The Best Insta-worthy Autumn Wreaths for 2022

The Best Insta-worthy Autumn Wreaths for 2022

Who says a wreath is only for Christmas? 

Autumn has arrived, and our minds have turned from sun, sand and BBQs to tumbling leaves, our favourite jumper and pumpkins.

The seasons are changing from the bright summer colours of pink, yellow, and blue, to warm autumnal undertones of red, orange, yellow, and brown.

I love to add a subtle nod to the season with a few tasteful decorations dotted around our home. And there is nothing I love more than a new door wreath.

Tell me I'm not alone, do you have a stash of decorations you bring out for each season?

A wreath is a must-have to add colour, and texture to your front door, entranceway, table or mantle piece. Or even your nursery or playroom.

You could opt for a mass-produced, machine made wreath shipped from abroad to your local department store ... but why would you? There are so many gifted people, producing spectacular unique designs. 

Do yourself a favour and purchase a wreath from a local small business.

Over the last few weeks, I have searched the internet to find you the best, Instagram-worthy Autumnal wreaths. These wreaths are made and sold by small businesses local to you here in Europe including Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Germany, and Poland. 

They are available to buy now, but keep in mind these wreaths are not mass produced so when it's gone, it's gone.  


Want to see more? We also have the Best Insta-worthy Autumn Wreaths in the United Kingdom and the United States

Let me know in the comments which wreath is your favourite.


Autumn Leaves & Colours Wreath

Autumn Premium by tenDOM (Poland)

Price: €72.99 / 336,00 zł 

An eye-catching wreath full of autumn fruits and leaves, in energetic red and orange colours. This wreath perfectly reflects the fleeting beauty of autumn. It is designed to look picturesque wherever you choose to hang it. 

tenDOM makes the wreaths from scratch in their florist workshop. The team uses carefully selected, high-quality artificial plants, which they weave onto a wicker bottom.

Autumn wreath bright leaves fruit fall nature Wianek Tendom Poland



Giant Wreath

Very Impressive Autumn Wreathby tenDOM (Poland)Price: €157 / 729,00 zł 

For those with a door large enough, this is the wreath for you. This giant wreath is impressive, standing at 70cm (diameter), and generously decorated with flowers and fruit, including pumpkins, apples, and rowan. 

* This wreath is made by special order, so reach out to the team at tenDOM to find out how. 
Giant wreath autumn door decor Wianek Tendom Poland 


Pumpkin Wreath

White Pumpkin Door Wreath by AntadioDesign (Poland)
35cm  |  Price: €95 / 454,00 zł 

Picture this beautiful hand-made wreath on your door. It has a unique style and will be a firm favourite with lovers of farmhouse and boho styles. 

The wreath is made with a natural wicker base and high-quality artificial flowers in beautiful, neutral autumn colours. It is finished with cotton ribbons and white pumpkins. This decoration will last for seasons so you will enjoy it for years.

white Pumpkin Antade Studio autumn wreath  farmhouse boho soho decor


Moss Wreath

Autumn Moss Wreath by FuFlunsa (Estonia)
30cm  |  Price: €72 

Simple, natural, eco-friendly, and unique - this beautiful wreath is a one-off. It is made from grass, moss, and blueberry branches. 

The wreath is made of 100% natural materials - green moss, blueberry branches, grass - all hand-collected by the maker. It will last for years if you take good care of it (ie no direct sunlight, or exposure to wind and rain). 

EU Moss autumn natural nature Fuflunsa wreath


Half Wreath

Autumn Boho Flowerhoop by Lieblingskrams (Germany)
0cm  |  Price: 75

This design is simply beautiful. It is a subtle, elegant wreath ready to add colour, personality and texture to your front door.

The sisal hoop is adorned with autumn decoration in a boho style with high-quality dried foliage including eucalyptus, pampas, fern, poppy capsules, thistles, and a beautiful brown peony.
Half autumn wreath Lieblingskrams boho farmhouse


Felt Wreath

Felt Squirrel wreath by ElisFeltCraftEU (Bulgaria)
Available size: 25cm  |  Price: 168 / 329 BGN

Describe this cute needle-felt squirrel with oak twig, leaves and acorn in one word. Whimsical.

It ticks all the boxes for a beautiful, unique autumn wreath ... however, I suspect it is also perfect in your nursery with your Toddlekind play mat, am I right?

Each element in this wreath is handmade by the maker, and it can be made with another animal of your choice. 

Felt whimsical mouse autumn wreath Elis felt craft


Faux Wreath

Colourful Autumn Wreath by HomeBeautyDecor (Ukraine)
Available size: 48cm  |  Price: €72  /  2,675 UAH

With the season change, the days are getting darker in Europe. But this beautiful, colourful autumn wreath is waiting to grace your front door and bring a smile to your face.

The wreath uses natural burlap, and artificial flowers, leaves, and pumpkins. 

Faux flower autumn wreath home beauty decor 


Pampas Grass Wreath

Eco Wreath by SistersGardenStore (Poland)
Available sizes: 50cm  | Price: €148  /  699 zł 

Handmade in a small family workshop in Poland, this pampas grass wreath is eye-catching. The straw base holds dried flowers and dried spikelets such as oats, wheat, helminths, pampas grass, mixed cereals, ruskus and glyxia. 

It is a textured wreath with cream and coffee tones that remind me of Toddlekind's stunning children's play mat colour palette. I suspect this beauty will end up in a few lucky children's bedrooms.

Pampas grass autumn wreath Sisters Garden Store



Want to see more? We also have the Best Insta-worthy Autumn Wreaths in the United Kingdom and the United States


Please note: Toddlekind is not receiving a commission or using affiliate links in this blog post. These are the personal suggestions and opinions of the author. If you do purchase a wreath, do say "hello" from us!


Images: All images have been supplied to use with permission by the wreath makers.

Cover images: 

Eco Wreath by SistersGardenStore 

Autumn Boho Flowerhoop by Lieblingskrams

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