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Winter and Christmas Inspired Baby Names

Winter and Christmas Inspired Baby Names

Photo by Beatriz Pérez Moya

Winter and Christmas Baby Names

Choosing a name for your baby is a big responsibility. It’s one of the first things you’ll do as parent, and it goes without saying that it’s something they’ll carry with them their whole lives. We love the idea of taking inspiration from the time of year your little one is born when picking a name. So we’ve gathered up a few of our favourite winter and Christmas names to inspire you.


Girls names

Eira – A Welsh name meaning ‘snow’

Holly – comes from the holly tree, the branches and berries of which are traditionally used as beautiful Christmas decorations in wreaths and garlands.

Gabriella – means ‘God is my strength’ and harks back to the presence of angels in the original Christmas story. 

Neve – of Irish and Latin origin, Neve means ‘snow’.

Noël – a pretty name, used in many Christmas carols, Noël quite literally means ‘Christmas’.

Seren  – A Welsh name for ‘star’.

Juniper – a musical name that is also a less common type of Christmas tree.

 Photo by Bao Menglong

Boys names

Quilo – taken from Greek mythology, Quilo has connections with the North Wind – the bringer of winter.

Nicholas – means ‘victory of the people’ but is also linked with Saint Nicholas.

Jasper – a name of Persian origin meaning ‘bringer of treasure’.

Avery – this unusual and magical name means ruler of the Elves.

Whittaker – this English name means ‘white field’ but doesn’t it sound so distinguished?

 Photo by Paige Cody

Unisex names

Wren – A lyrically beautiful name that means ‘little songbird’

Aspen ­– An Aspen is a graceful tree with heart-shaped leaves that dance in the breeze.

Aster – this is a Greek word for ‘star’ bringing to mind all the religious and festive references to stars at this time of year.

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