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How to style an A/W Hygge inspired nursery

How to style an A/W Hygge inspired nursery

I have to admit that one of the things I was really excited about when I found out I was pregnant, was the thought of designing the baby’s nursery! (It’s not just me is it?).

But Pregnancy can evoke all kinds of emotions in the expectant mother- fear, anxiety, excitement, trepidation to name a few and suddenly even the most laid back expectant mothers have been known to get a little “militant” when it comes to nesting. What should be laid back browsing to prepare for baby, becomes an all-out military operation. Our founder had her fully decorated Christmas tree cling-filmed for transport just days before Christmas because her current apartment wasn't going to work as the baby friendly apartment she imagined.

During my own days as an expectant mother, my daily screen time was at an all-time high, as I spent hours and hours trawling through Pinterest and Instagram, gathering inspiration and being in awe of both high end innovative designs, as well as frugal upcycling ideas for a baby’s room. However I also found my indecisiveness at an all-time high too- just too many choices and how would I know what suited my baby to be?

The good news is that the current trend for cosy interiors, otherwise known as “Hygge”, makes nursery decorating a walk in the park. With a focus on quality materials and simplicity, the look is easy to achieve and at the same time looks styled in the best way possible.

For me, designing any room is not just about making it look like a perfect, insta-worthy picture, it’s always been about creating a feeling. And when it comes to a baby’s nursery, it will essentially be about how you can create a whimsical backdrop to what will be some of the most memorable and magical moments of your life! It’s about making sure you and your brand new bundle feel relaxed, content and cradled by your surroundings.

It is said that babies become aware of their surroundings from as little as 4-6 months so what you create is going to evoke feelings in your little one very early on, and what better feeling than cosy?

As I’m sure you may already be aware by now, Hygge has been a bit of a buzz word for the last few years. Pronounced “hue-guh” it is the Danish word to describe the feeling of cosines and comfort whilst also promoting wellness and contentment. Think ‘sipping a hot chocolate whilst it snows outside’, or ‘watching a classic film on a Sunday afternoon under the blanket’ kind of vibe!

Here we will look at a few ways you can incorporate a little Hygge into your nursery design and decor.

Pick neutral, earthy tones

Nothing says Autumn like warm earthy colours, muted natural shades paired with greys, browns and golds. Whether it be the choice of paint, the materials and fabrics you use, or even just the accessories, try to keep the colours tonal to create a calm and cohesive look. This can also help you get away with layering different patterns and materials, creating warmth and interest.


In order to create that true Hygge cosiness, it is vital to bring in an array of different soft textures for a room that feels like a giant teddy bear hug!

Stick to natural fibre fabrics like organic cotton*, linen, and bamboo for anywhere that baby will spend most of their time, but for decoration, you could incorporate sheepskin rugs, large floor cushions made of crushed velvet and plenty of chunky knitted blankets (pom poms optional extra!) for those moments baby falls asleep in your arms and neither of you want to move.

Incorporate furniture and accessories made from wood and rattan for an ultimate natural feel.

*did you know that our Luxe Nappy-Free mats are made from 100% organic cotton.

A place to sit

I would highly recommend investing in a gorgeous, but more importantly, comfortable chair for you and baby to rest in whilst feeding or napping. Obviously getting plenty of rest is vital for you all as a family, and when you’re not using it, is the perfect canvas for all your strategically ‘placed’ chunky knits and throws to rest upon!

Floor time

Floor time is important for babies as its helps promote movement of their whole body and in turn encourages more spacial awareness and strengthens their little muscles.
Our Prettier Playmats and Playrugs are the perfect canvas for your floor time relax or play. Create a cosy corner by adding one of our Leaf Mats along with some floor cushions and throws, and use this as a space to read a book together or listen to some music.

Soft lighting

Lighting is often the most overlooked area when designing a room. Try and get in as much natural light as possible, and use low, soft lighting to create a calming atmosphere. Invest in a few lamps so you can better control how much light you need, and fairy lights are always a good idea!
Be sure to have a night light that is just bright enough for when you need to see to baby in the night.


Before baby arrives, I’m sure your hormones will have sent you into a crazy nesting mood at some point, but you can never be too organised. One thing you will inevitably have to get accustomed to, is the mess that can come with having children, and as much as this can bring so much joy, it’s good to make sure everything has its place, making tidying up that much quicker and easier. 
A neat and tidy room makes such a difference to help declutter the mind as well as the house!

Ultimately Hygge is all about creating a space that encapsulates and promotes a feeling of well-being, and a place to snuggle down, and take a moment to slow down. What better place to incorporate a bit of Hygge into your life than in your baby’s nursery!

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