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The Power of Play | Meet Toddlekind’s New Interactive Playsack

The Power of Play | Meet Toddlekind’s New Interactive Playsack

Play forms a big part in a child’s development, but as adults, we don’t appreciate just how important it is. 

A child’s experiences during their early years shape their developing brain.

The Princess of Wales - Kate Middleton as she is also known - is a champion for the importance of positive experiences in early years (0 - 5 years), and has seen through her own motherhood journey, and her work over the last decade how experiences lay the foundation for future choices.

Her Royal Highness lives what she preaches, and is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of positive physical, emotional and cognitive development during the early years.

play time outside play mat playmat

Pretty Practical mat new design (camel)   

Essential for every child’s development – play is the most important thing they can do.

During play, children develop and hone the vast majority of the skills they will need in life. From imagination and manipulation skills to socialisation and emotional intellect. 

Here are a few more examples of why playtime is so powerful:

1. It allows children to learn through exploration. 

Children learn best when they are actively engaged in their environment. Play builds their confidence and understanding of how things work. 

Playtime allows them to explore and experiment with new ideas, materials, and concepts in a safe and fun way.

2. Creativity and imagination are stimulated through play. It encourages children to use their imaginations and think outside the box.

This helps them develop creativity, problem-solving skills, and the ability to think critically.

These things, as well as the other examples in this list, support academic readiness.

Play prepares children for school by building their curiosity, love of learning, and confidence.

Prettier Puzzle playmat, Kyte (mocha)  

3. It promotes social and emotional development.

When children interact with others through play, they learn to communicate, cooperate, and negotiate with others.

4. Play develops social skills, empathy, emotional intelligence, and they develop friendships. These skills allow children to explore and express their emotions in a safe and supportive environment.

5. Playtime develops physical skills that promote the development of their gross and fine motor skills, coordination, overall physical health and balance.

Prettier Puzzle playmat, Kyte (wheat)

6. Children build their confidence and self-esteem through play because it gives them opportunities to explore, experiment, and succeed. They master new skills and learn to overcome challenges

They learn to make mistakes, try new things and take risks, which helps them build confidence and self-esteem.

7. Playtime reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

Playtime is fun and relaxing. It helps a child release stress and deal with anxiety. It allows them to enjoy being in the moment, and take a break from activities they find less enjoyable.

8. Through play, children learn to communicate and develop their language. Playtime encourages them to express themself and communicate.

Playtime is essential for children because it supports their growth and development in all areas of life. Through play, a child will create, explore, learn, socialise, and most importantly have fun.


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As a play mat company, Toddlekind is a big believer in the importance of play and views playtime as incredibly important for a child's growth and development.

Simple play that allows your children to work with their hands and bodies, explore their space and observe their surroundings often costs very little and reaps the biggest rewards. 

In the five years since Toddlekind was founded, we have developed versatile play mats, which support (and protect) children as they play.

Toddlekind’s point of difference is a unique combination of stylish design, comfort, safety and practicality. 

As your child gets older and starts to move around more, you will find all sorts scattered around the house thanks to little hands and curious minds as they play. What is the solution? Convenient containment

Unfortunately, not everything can be hidden behind a door, and storage solutions are always top of mind for any parent. We talked about the “art of containment”, but we've now taken it one step further by combining a play mat with a storage solution.

Meet Toddlekind’s new interactive playsack; the ultimate 2-in-1 storage solution and playmat.

Suitable for children 3+ years, the playsack opens it out to reveal a beautiful theme - Texas Ranch or Desert City - and when it's time to pack up, simply gather the contents neatly away. Packing up has never been so quick, easy and stress-free.

NEW interactive playsack, Desert City  


Our playsacks offer stylish design, and inspiration for creative play as well as being portable for you to take anywhere, anytime.

Play doesn’t have to involve an elaborate or expensive set-up.

The Ranch is a Texas-inspired ranch theme with a pink twist. The design features chickens, a flower farm and an apple orchard.

NEW interactive playsack, Texas Ranch 



Or if your child prefers a race track, they will enjoy our Desert City themed cotton mat and playsack featuring a police station and car garage.

NEW interactive playsack, Desert City 

Both playsacks perfectly complement your other Toddlekind products. Lay it on top of your Prettier Puzzle play mat, which will provide cushioning and insulation between the floor and your child as they play. And, add some of our pom pom baskets to store away additional toys for playtime.




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Cover image: Toddlekind's NEW interactive playsack, Texas Ranch 

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Pretty Practical mat new design (camel)  |  Prettier Puzzle playmat, Kyte (mocha)  |  Prettier Puzzle playmat, Kyte (wheat)  |  NEW interactive playsack, Desert City  |  NEW interactive playsack, Texas Ranch 


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